With the Wind at My Back

That’s it dudes. I’m Getting Fucking Sober.

Life was starting to get a little too miserable. I knew that I should be. I battled with it daily/weekly/monthly in the past due to several factors, but it was time. Join me as I dive in headfirst and go down a much better rabbit hole then I would previously find myself in.

  • Toll Free

    January 15, 2020 by

    Like many of us, my terrible decision making and selfish addictive behavior affected others. In my case and more than likely several others it wreaked havoc on my mother. ​So many phone calls where she’d hear news of some catastrophe, jailers calling her to come get me when I was young, girlfriends saying that I… Read more

  • Alcohol is the worst gateway drug.

    January 13, 2020 by

    Truth. We all know it. It will take millions more time to do their research to come to the conclusion that the bottle will destroy their lives. I feel fucking blessed to have finally found my truth, I sincerely hope that you do too. Keep fucking fighting. #aa #sober #soberlife #soberasfuck #recovery

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